How Can I Really Make Money from Home in India?

 Welcome to this week’s making money from the home article. If you are new to this blog, you should know that making money from home here in India is the primary purpose. Here we (myself and team) research income-making opportunities that work in India and share this information with our audience. In this article, we want to summarize the process of making money from home in India to give you – the reader – a broader perspective into what it really takes to make money from home in India.

The 5 Ways to Really Make Money from Home in India

There are 5 ways to really make money in India and I have grouped them into the following;


#1 Promoting a Product for Commission

The first way to make money in India that I will recommend is to promote a product belonging to someone else and getting paid a commission in return for your efforts. There are many opportunities to do this whether you are employed as a sales agent or you work in a freelance capacity for yourself connecting buyers to sellers of other people’s products. The advantage of this method is that you can start anytime with what you have and start earning in the shortest possible time (if you know what you are doing) and grow from there setting aside some income from your earnings to invest in other future projects that can also earn you more money. Two good examples of promoting products to make money online in India are affiliate marketing and working as a freelance/independent sales agent.

#2 Reselling a Product for Profit

This is a more common approach to making money from home. Some people have shops attached to their homes or some even convert their verandas to shops to sell groceries and provisions to people in their residential area. There are other approaches to this. You can start selling from home also with the opportunity provided by eCommerce companies like Konga and Jumia which enable anyone to join their platforms as sellers. Another way to make money reselling a product is to buy something really cheap in one location, then move it to another place to sell at a higher price. If you can find a cheap product like palm oil or crayfish from a source location, buy it then move it to another place that has high demand and sells at a higher price for a profit. Mind you these are just examples.

#3 Provide a Service for a Fee

You can also make money by providing a service and charging a fee for it. There are many options available here for anyone willing to work hard and is focused on delivering value to a specific market. I can speak with authority in this since I have been making money with business plan writing service to Indians from all walks of life through my business plan writing blog. Under this opportunity you the provider must have the expertise that is in high demand or which serves a particular market. I will teach more about this very soon on how to make money in India as a freelancer. Some examples of freelance services include; home tutoring, freelance writing, martial arts training, web development, social media marketing, etc

#4 Produce a Product and Sell it for Profit

You can also make money from home in India by producing a product and either selling online through an e-commerce shop or making money offline through retailers and shop owners. There is a man who makes plantain chips and sells them also through supermarkets and stores. You can also make shoes, wigs, baby dolls, write storybooks for children or even make money self-publishing an ebook. There are many opportunities you can exploit under this method.

#5 Create Something and Sell

I like to think of this as artwork or other creative ventures you can sell to a target market. It could also include services for instance a hairstylist, barber, a martial arts/self-defense instructor, a logo designer, fashion designer, even a programmer. Find a unique and innovative way to serve a market in India (a group of people with an unsatisfied need) by creating a service or product and then selling it to them.

This is just a summary of different ways to make money from home in India but I will like to add that if you wish to make money realistically, you will have to work very hard, sacrifice time and effort in learning your intended business and grow once you start making money.


10 Real Home Based Businesses that Make Money in India

When it comes to making money from home in India from my over 5 years of experience I have come to realize that certain things work while others don’t. The things that work are usually learned the hard way or through mentorship and they vary from one home business to another. The real difference between home-based businesses that make money in India and those that do not make money is in knowing what works (in terms of money management, marketing, home, and business life balance, and business operations). The breakdowns of these ideas will come in another article meanwhile I want to share a few home business opportunities that are lucrative if well managed and if the business owner uses home business management principles that work.

10 Lucrative Home Based Businesses in India

Here they come – keep in mind that there are no guarantees in running a home business. You may succeed or fail but your chances of success increase when you properly and professionally run your home business.

#1 Real Estate Agency

This business involves connecting real estate buyers with sellers or helping prospective tenants secure accommodation or rented apartments in suitable locations and within their budgets is a low-cost high revenue business that can net the business owner with some good profits. You only need an internet-enabled mobile phone to start.

#2 E-commerce: Web Store

This entails helping people to find useful, high-quality, unique products to buy from your own web store. The web store can be a Facebook page, an eCommerce website, or just a simple social media account with product listings. Prominent e-commerce websites such as; Konga and Jumia offer individuals the chance to sell products online from their eCommerce platforms even if such individuals work from home.

#3 Business Plan Writing

I have been writing business plans since 2013 and there have been months when I made more than 200,000 naira just from this service. The downside is you need to read a lot, do a lot of writing, research, and always be connected online which may not really be a downside but the stress that comes with it could have consequences on your health but it is a good way to make money from home.

#4 Online Tutoring

This is a relatively new venture compared to others. The business involves teaching people different things such as; school subjects/topics (academic) or vocational skills such as; cooking, baking, interior decoration, financial planning, or even life skills like public speaking, self-defense or poise among other skills. The business involves offering training and courses for sale to clients

#5 Academic Research

The fast-paced world we live in coupled with falling standards of Education in India creates a market for students in higher institutions (the busy ones, the lazy ones, and those struggling with understanding lectures). There are a few services that can be rendered here; regular assignments, school projects, seminars,

#6 Fashion Designer

Design clothes from home and sell online to a specific market or sew tailor-made clothes to clients and charging them fees for sewing their clothes. The price ranges from 3,000 to over 10,000 naira fees per dress to 5,000 to over 20,000 naira profit per dress or cloth sewn.

#7 Freelance Writers

Writing eBooks, articles, essays, blog posts, or business/technical reports can be very lucrative. I for one have made a lot of money selling reports online to people from diverse walks of life. The interesting thing is a low entry requirement for this business and the profit is very huge

#8 Graphics Designer

Design logos, letterheads, web pages, product trademarks, outdoor signs, and a host of others using very cost-effective marketing approaches. This field is highly competitive but very profitable for those who can build a strong brand and engaging customer base.

#9 Computer Programmer

Designing mobile apps, enterprise solution software, web-based applications or other software programs targeting specific markets can be very lucrative. The main challenge is that computer programming is highly competitive and newer advances in technology can render much software irrelevant or obsolete.

#10 Backyard Poultry

You can also start backyard poultry in India at the back of your home or any available space in a residential location. Poultry farming for eggs is more lucrative than for meat.

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