WordPress- The Most Versatile Blogging Platform
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 WordPress- The Most Versatile Blogging Platform

0Do you know that WordPress was initially launched as the blogging platform? You hardly know about this. In 2003, WordPress was launched by its American founders and developer Matt Mullenweg and English developer Mike Little. The initial idea of launching WordPress was to offer an effective blogging platform for bloggers. At that time, WordPress was very limited with its features but over time it has evolved. According to digital marketing experts at Snap Visibility It extended its area of expertise and brought so many outstanding features for both bloggers and website developers. Today, WordPress is the most preferred website developing and blogging platform over the internet.


Several people ask us “Is WordPress still the best blogging platform?” The answer is Yes. Neither Google BlogSpot nor Yahoo Tumbler but WordPress is the most preferred blogging platform today. Before the rise of WordPress in the market, BlogSpot had the maximum market share of the blogging industry but now WordPress is the boss. The outstanding features, flexibility, UI and UX, trendy templates, themes, designs and so many other things that WordPress offers to its users are the reason that it is the first choice of many bloggers and website design company texas. Although, WordPress has now become a more friendly platform for the website developers or a way to get the affordable web design for small businesses still it is the most versatile blogging platform for bloggers.


In this post, we will comprehensively discuss why WordPress is still the best and the most versatile blogging platform for bloggers as well as website owners.


Why WordPress is Still The Best Blogging Platform


Today, blogging is not only a passion but it is a profession and a medium to generate extra income. An influencer can earn more from blogging compared to the professional job and that’s why blogging is at its peak today. It is the trend of the era. Many youngsters want to become influencers by utilizing the best blogging platform. And you know that WordPress is the best blogging platform of this time. There are several reasons behind this and digital marketing experts at Snap Visibility have discussed here:


Free Quality Themes and Design


Except for WordPress, there is not even a single blogging platform that offers so many quality themes and designs for free. And that’s why WordPress is at the top of the blogging industry. Since the rise of WordPress, the blogging industry has changed a lot. Earlier, the bloggers and influencers used to have only limited options for choosing website themes and designs, and those options used to be very simple. And that’s why offering the best UI and UX to users used to be very difficult. Most of the time, bloggers had to pay for getting the best quality of themes and designs. But now it is not so. WordPress has brought so many free exceptional themes and designs that can be effectively used for blogs for offering the best blog visiting experience to users. For small businesses that want to start their blogs and websites for business purposes, WordPress offers the best blog designs and affordable web designs for small businesses. They can smartly utilize this outstanding blogging platform and take the full advantage of it.


The Best Plugins


WordPress is a feature-rich platform. It has so many different outstanding features that are ideal to grow blogs and websites. The expert and experienced website developers and bloggers are very well-versed with the importance of the feature-rich WordPress in this high-competition internet world. Apart from offering the best quality of themes and affordable web designs for small businesses, it also offers the best quality of trendy plugins which are very useful for businesses and influencers. Plugins are actually the valuable add-ons to websites and blogs which allow bloggers and website owners to access additional content and improve the functionality of their blogs and websites. WordPress offers so many free quality and trendy plugins which can be effectively used to grow blogs and websites. On the other hand, WordPress also offers some high-quality purchasable plugins for those bloggers and website owners who want more amazing plugins. So, in WordPress both options are open for you whether you want to use a free plugin or want to buy a trendy plugin, you can do it on WordPress.


Easy Customization


This is one of the best reasons why it is still the best blogging platform and why bloggers still prefer WordPress instead of choosing BlogSpot and Tumblr. It offers an easy customization process for every blogger and website owner. As a blogger or website owner, you do not need to master the search engine optimization techniques but with just having a basic knowledge of search engine optimization, you can easily fully customize your blog pages and website pages and this is why every user prefers it. Its flexibility allows every user to customize their website or blog in the way they like. Customization of blogs or websites is very important for both bloggers and website owners to grow their websites and blogs. If it does not happen appropriately then it can affect the rankings of websites and blogs over the internet. In case you are completely new to blogging and SEO then you must watch tutorials on YouTube about how to customize blogs and websites pages.


Search Engines Prefer WordPress Websites


This is an additional advantage that every user gets on WordPress. It is a search engine optimized blogging and web development platform that helps blogs and websites to be ranked higher on the result pages of search engines. It is also responsive to all types of browsers and devices available in the market that make WordPress, the most versatile blogging and web development platform. Search engines also prefer to rank those blogging sites and websites that are designed on WordPress as those are usually systematically organized, user-friendly, and search engines-friendly sites.


So, overall WordPress is still the best blogging platform as well as the best web development platform. Whether as an owner of a small or big business like the planner desk, you want an affordable web design for small business, or as an influencer you want the best quality of themes, plugins, designs for your blogging site, WordPress meets every requirement of its users.




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